A dose of doubt

In John 20:26-28, we find an incredible story of Thomas – also called Didymus, one of the twelve (12) apostles. This story is notable because many of us can relate to Thomas: his doubt, his unbelief, and how his encounter with Jesus strengthened his faith and made him into a missionary and a martyr for the Lord.

Earlier, Thomas was not with the other disciples when the resurrected Christ appeared to them in a closed room. And naturally, when he was told of the amazing news – he was not convinced.

Thomas doubted that the Lord has risen from the grave. That’s medically impossible. His own insecurities and inadequacies confirmed that it cannot be. Well, Thomas may have forgotten one thing: with man, this is impossible; but with God, nothing is impossible.

And then the first day of the week came. The disciples were gathered in a room and the door was shut for fear of persecution from the Jews. This time though, Thomas was with them. Then suddenly Jesus appeared to them and Thomas could not believe his eyes; he knew that that person is the Lord. But something is holding him back.

Like Thomas, is there something that is holding you back to experience the fullness of life in Christ? As a Christian, are you joyful in your relationship with the Lord, or, has it turned into a stale, unproductive daily rituals that has lost its spark and excitement?

Then Jesus turned to Thomas and challenged him to put his fingers where the nails were and to put his hand where His side was pierced. And then he believed at last by declaring “My Lord, and my God”!

Not long afterwards, Thomas was so inspired that he went to India to preach the gospel. There, in the city of Calamene, he was martyred to death (four pine spears were thrust into his body) and he was buried there.

Jesus can turn a weak, doubtful disciple, into a courageous man of God. He can turn a dose of doubt into a declaration of unwavering faith.

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