Facing our goliath

Photo Credit: convergemidamerica.org
Photo Credit: convergemidamerica.org

“You are just a little man from a little country.” These are the very words of Mr. Andrei Vishinsky, Soviet delegation head to the UN General Assembly (and later Soviet Foreign Minister), to Carlos P. Romulo, a Filipino delegate and who later on became President of the UN General Assembly (Fourth Session).

The fact is, we are all going to face our own goliaths at a certain point of time. So what do we do? Our goliaths come in many faces and forms. It could be that bully across the street or across the office hallway, a debilitating disease, a financial crisis, job loss, natural or man-made calamities, crumbling marriage, death of a loved one, you name it.

There is no doubt that we all have been confronted by a goliath as we move from one stage to another. And each goliath that we face and defeat along the way, prepares us for the next big one.

In 1Samuel 17:1-51, we find a remarkable story about David beating Goliath. How did he do it? A battle-scarred warrior and a champion who stood nearly 9 feet tall was beaten by a young shepherd! Unbelievable, right? Well, you better believe it because David did beat Goliath. And he beat him in such an unusual and stunning fashion that you have to blink your eyes many times if you saw it happening in order to believe.

In the Biblical account, Goliath challenges the Israelites for 40 days and nobody stood up to fight him because they were all stricken by fear. Instead of facing him, every single Israelite soldier fled before him. Not a good sight to look upon. As big as Goliath is, he can instil the same size of fear in the hearts of his enemies. Fear can make you think you are small and can make you underestimate your capabilities.

The Israelites forget one thing: they are the covenant people of God. Their fear may be big, but they can be bigger than their fear because the God who is with them is bigger and stronger and the most powerful of all. God’s deliverance is always available for His people. And He will always rescue those who call upon Him with a pure heart.

When we are in grief, in pain, or in trouble, God seems far away and unreal. However, these are the very times that we should always remember the Lord. God knows what we are going through and He understands what we feel. Even when we are afraid, we must trust God, expecting Him to act according to His sovereign plan in our lives. When we are confused, in pain or in grief, we must trust God and expect Him to act.

To overcome our fear, we need to understand God’s position in our lives and claim His promises according to His word, then act in faith. That’s what David did. He acted by faith, in faith and through faith.

The incident between Mr Andrei Vishinsky and Mr Carlos P Romulo took place in Paris, France in 1948 at the 3rd Session of the UN General Assembly. After hearing the insult from the Soviet diplomat, Mr Romulo calmly replied: “It is the duty of the little Davids of this world to fling the pebbles of truth in the eyes of the blustering Goliaths and force them to behave!” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_P._Romulo



Dear God,

Today I am grateful that I have reach this far after facing many goliaths in my life. Thank you for your divine provision that helped me survive and sustained me during the most painful and hopeless moments. I know that all the trials and difficulties I am facing today will help me prepare for tomorrow’s battle.  I am confident because you are always with me.  To you I bring back all the glory, all the honour, all the praise, and all the adoration,  in Jesus’ powerful name. Amen.


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