A Special Invitation

Rest for the Weary. Photo credit: specialneedparenting.net

Rest for the Weary. Photo credit: specialneedparenting.net

What’s so important about an invitation? It makes us special. It makes us feel wanted and accepted.

On February 22, 2016, Virginia Mc Laurin was granted her lifetime dream to visit the White House. If a private audience with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama seems too much to think, the 106 years old senior corps volunteer had actually holds hands with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and got to dance with them!

But what made the visit so special is the fact that she met a black President and a black First Lady at a time that coincided with the celebration of black history.[1] Not all of us though may receive such a gracious invitation to visit the White House.

In Matthew 11:28, Jesus has an open invitation: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. (NIV)

First of all, this is a personal invitation. The King of kings and the Lord of lords is inviting you personally to come to Him. Do you feel tired and burdened today? You have too much at stake and so little time and you feel overwhelmed. You are juggling two jobs to make ends meet and still falling behind payment and you felt tired. Or, do you feel like climbing uphill and struggling with all your might but can’t seem to make any progress at all. We’ve all been there before. Maybe once or twice.

Secondly, this is a present invitation. He is inviting you now. Today. You don’t have to wait in queue and no advance appointment is required. If you come to Him, you will not be turned away. You have His full attention. He listens while you pour out your heart and all your worries and sorrow and pain.

Lastly, this exclusive invitation is only valid to those who would make themselves available to hear and accept it. And the good news is that nothing else is required. No deposits. No down payments are needed. Just come to Him. Jesus does not love us according to our usefulness or potential or talent. Jesus is inviting everyone who is burned up, tired, or, simply those who have given up hope, to find relief in Him.

Burdens are normal part of life. Sorrow is common to every home. Challenges are ordinary component of our existence in this world. Whether you are rich or poor, single or married, you have your own share of burdens.

It could be a physical deformity, chronic disease, financial difficulty, emotional scars from people who hurt us in the past, failures and disappointments, family disputes, relationship issues, recurring sins – the list goes on and on. And sometimes these burdens are just too heavy that they weigh us down to the point that we can’t carry them any longer.

It is true that there are burdens we need to bear and there are burdens that we need to share; however, there are burdens that we simply need to offer – yes, offer these to the Master who promised to give us rest. Once we act and make an effort to surrender that burden to Him, we can forget about it because He will assume full responsibility for that. It’s no longer ours to carry.

If you are tired and burdened, come to Jesus. He invites you to shed your burdens and offer it all to Him. You can rest in His loving arms, and find peace in His presence.


[1] https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2016/02/22/meet-106-year-old-who-got-dance-president-and-first-lady



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