The God of Second Chances

A Beach in Thailand. Photo Credit: flickr.com

Beach. Photo Credit: flickr.com

Our God is a God of second chances. His mercy is boundless as the sky, His grace is limitless as the space, His love is deep as the ocean, and His faithfulness is ageless as time. He allows us to fix the things that we messed up, including our lives.

The Scriptures describe God as someone who is “compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in love”. Psalms 103:8

Through the corridors of time, God looks at the terrible sins we have committed against Him and against others. And yet His compassion grows only stronger because He knows that we are imperfect, that we are prone to sin, that we are weak in the face of temptations. And He chose to love us back by giving us a second chance, or, rather, another chance.

Instead of receiving the just penalty for what our sins deserved, we received mercy; instead of condemnation, we received pardon; instead of punishment, we received grace.

We have so many stories and characters in the Bible, all of whom received a second chance: the adulteress who was caught in sin John 8:1-11, King David, the Apostle Peter who after denied knowing the Lord was re-instated by the Lord Himself, the Apostle Paul, and many others.

And for many of us, this is what we might just need. We have the assurance that when we come to Him to seek forgiveness, He will not turn His back on us. He will listen to us and look upon us with favor in His eyes. Because we are important to Him. That is the ethos of God’s patience. God will walk with us all the way and ensures that we reach the goal that we put before us. It doesn’t matter if we have strayed away so many times we forgot how to count it, or, if we have lost our way in this journey that any direction doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Regrets over choices we have made in the past will not help us. It will only add a sense of compunction and rob us of our joy. A heavy heart is the least that we need. Today we are reminded to surrender our hurts, our pains, our shame, and our disappointments, to a God who is not only able to restore and heal but also able to give us rest.

It doesn’t matter who we are and what we did. God is able to change each one of us if only we will submit our life to Him. Once we acknowledge that we are lost and we need God’s help, He will not only fix what we have messed up but will also give us a new start, a new beginning – a second chance.  And with God, all things are possible.




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