Top 5 Goals for 2016


Benjie Bensing

Goals.  Photo Credit: haroldarnold.com

Goals. Photo Credit: haroldarnold.com

You may have survived 2015 with a blast, but hey, 2016 is another level. And in a few days, we will be on a new and unchartered path as we continue our journey in this life.

Most people will start observing their New Year’s Resolution. It’s a good thing to do, especially if you put your heart into it. Have you finalized your goals for 2016?

The following are my Top 5 personal goals for this new year:

  1. Spend more time with my family – Due to a series of unfortunate events, I was not able to spend Christmas with my family this year. I know that they missed me so much and I really missed them, too. Being an overseas worker has a lot of restrictions, but I have resolved to spend the next Christmas season with my family.

2.   Take an IELTS test and pass it –  I have already wasted several years by procrastination.  My desire is the fuel to carry me through in accomplishing this goal. Although this may appear impossible at the moment due to my personal situation, but one thing I’ve learned from my experience is that nothing is written in stone. So everything that I know, everything that is in my path now could change anytime. And when it does, I will seize the opportunity.

3.   To believe in me – Unlike respect, self-worth is not something I earn; it is  how I value myself. If I believe in my being worthy, other people will recognize it and start treating me what I truly deserve. My self-esteem is an expression of my confidence in who I am and in what I am capable of achieving. In order for others to unconsciously label me as a person with high value, I must first believe in myself.

4.   To be more loving as a person, a family man, a colleague, and as a spiritual leader in the church – Loving my family, my friends, my colleagues, and those that treat me well is easy but I have to give more thought on how I can make it better. To accept and love others, especially those who are difficult to go along with, is to take a risk and therefore it is a losing proposition. However, we all know that love begets love; the love I give, the compassion that I show, will be hopefully returned one day – with interest. The least that I can do is to let them feel that there is so much in them that is worth loving for. After all, we are no different from each other.

Life Lesson.

Life Lesson.

5.   Never give up and never lose hope – There’s a Latin adage that says: “Dum spiro, spero’ which means, “While I breath, I hope”. I’ve read elsewhere a quote from an anonymous author who said:

CANCER is so limited and in some instances, powerless. You know why?

Because it cannot cripple love; it cannot subdue faith, it cannot shatter hope.

It cannot consume peace, cannot destroy confidence, cannot kill friendship.

It cannot steal memories, cannot silence courage, cannot invade the soul.

Most of all, it cannot quench the Spirit and cannot stop man from regaining spiritual redemption.

If cancer patients have this kind of fighting spirit and perseverance in the face of an irreversible demise, it should inspire and drive us to succeed in achieving our goals.


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