Surviving Chaos Daily


Benjie Bensing

Paper Clips. Photo Credit: bigstockphoto.com

Paper Clips. Photo Credit: bigstockphoto.com

Some people thrive in chaos; others simply don’t. Some people can live in a cluttered, disorderly room and can seem to find what they are looking for with such a delightful precision; others may find it difficult to cope up in such a situation. Some people prefer order and stability over chaos, while others the so-called “callithump” or callithumpian[i], prefer the opposite.


To better handle chaos, it might help to understand it first. Chaos is defined as “complete disorder and confusion”. And learning how to embrace it as part of our daily lives could certainly help us to survive it.

Chaos is unpredictable – it is a sudden, unrehearsed, surprise that hit us while we are blissfully unaware of its impending occurrence. It could happen anytime, anywhere. And knowing and understanding these things could help us to be proactive in our attitude and approach.


Chaos can sometimes change our world. Some people are so overwhelmed by chaos that it literally turns their world upside down. Chaos often derails and temporarily distracts us from achieving our objectives. It makes us focus on the problem rather than on what we need to accomplish.

The positive aspect is that it can bring about change: in our personal lives, in our community, and the world in general.

Many years ago, an unclear love triangle in Europe caused Jose Rizal and Antonio Luna to challenge each other to a duel over a girl by the name of Nelly Boustead[ii]. The good thing is that cooler heads prevailed and after this incident it brought Luna to his senses and apologized to Rizal. The rest is history; they remained friends and partners in the Propaganda movement – although Antonio Luna’s fiery temper remained as explosive as ever.

The destruction and chaos brought by typhoon Yolanda to the city of Tacloban would only highlight the strength and resiliency of the Filipino people as they rise above the vestiges of tragedy.

The chaos brought by the stealth attack of the Japanese Imperial Army on Pearl Harbor only strengthened the United States of America in her resolve to fight back and win. It also became a catalyst for America to embark on a military rebuilding that will define its supremacy in the years to come.


The most important thing to remember when we are confronted by difficulties that might potentially turn into chaos is to remain true to our values and beliefs. These will help us identify means and develop coping up mechanisms unique to each one of us. By embracing chaos as something inevitable and as an opportunity for learning and personal growth, we can lessen its negative impact.

A calm but alert mind is important when dealing with everyday chaos. Activities like daily prayer, spending time with friends and loved ones, regular exercise, yoga perhaps, and other forms of release such as reading, listening to soothing music, writing, photography, gardening, or even fishing can be extremely helpful.

Find out what works best for you and then do it.


[i] From verse 84 of David Van Alstyne’s Poem – http://www.davidvanalstyne.com/pg-poem.html#80

[ii] From Prof. Ambeth Ocampo’s column –   http://opinion.inquirer.net/88371/antonio-luna-and-his-temper



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