Benjie Bensing

Classroom.  Photo credit: butchbellah.com

Classroom. Photo credit: butchbellah.com

Teachers invariably influence a student’s achievements.

How a teacher exerts to become a positive influence in the classroom has tremendous power in molding and shaping the mind and character of a student.

This is something that can be controlled by the school and can be amplified in order to offset the negative effects of an unhealthy neighborhood a student lives, personal and family circumstances, and other non-school factors.

Great teachers care about their students – within and beyond the classrooms; they want them to succeed in life and are fully committed to helping them achieve their dreams. A well-cared student has a stronger sense of confidence and self-assurance: they feel good about themselves, they are strongly motivated, actively engaged in the learning process, and most likely willing to challenge themselves to pursue academic excellence.

Teachers have in their disposal the power to form, transform, and reform the young minds of their students.

Their passion for the subject matters they teach can sometimes rub off on the students and in the process could make the classroom an exciting place to learn.

Teachers by nature are leaders and visionaries. They led by example and captivate the mind of the students to become leaders themselves. They are able to see things before they happen, and is always better prepared to meet every kind of contingency. A child’s achievement is not only the joy and pride of the parents but also a reflection of the teacher’s effectiveness.

If a child is able to conquer the world, that’s because the teacher has succeeded in conquering first a child’s fear of venturing into the unknown and provided a strong sense of aspiration to make a difference.

Most importantly, a teacher embraces change. It is important because we live in a world of change. And when this attitude is passed on and becomes ingrained in the mind of a student, it prepares him or her for the future – where anything is possible.

What a child can become is not limited by personal circumstances. It is always what the heart desires and what the mind believes.

To our dear teachers, we salute your dedication and personal sacrifice!  We are grateful for your persistence and unwavering commitment to bring out the best in every child.


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