by: Benjie Novia Bensing

Photo Courtesy: wallallies.com
Photo Courtesy: wallallies.com

I remember when I was studying many years ago what my mother told me: “your potential is only limited by your ambition to succeed”. At that time I can only think of fun, what games my playmates are going to play tomorrow, and how we can play some more. During summer, I hate taking up siesta after lunch. That time, I wish I could become invisible so that my sister Lucia will not see me get past the door and join my friends as they play under that big fire trees with their cluster of branches creating a breathtaking canopy of orange-red and yellow blossoms.

It took some time for those words to sink in and when I finally understood for the first time what my mother told me, it was like a punch in the midrib. You see, I realize that if I have the intense desire to succeed, I will succeed and nobody can stop me. My situation in life is not a hindrance if only I desire to be successful in the first place.


Our goals in life are what drives us to get out of our comfort zone, overcome difficulties, and do greater things than what we can ordinarily accomplish. It is the fuel that burns, the force that extracts those creative juices in our sub-conscious mind and releases the power of that indomitable human spirit. It helps us believe in ourselves, in our capabilities, and it helps us accomplish consistently those little things that eventually lead us to what we truly desire to achieve in our lives.

Without a clear and specific goal, you might just end up wandering around without any sense of direction or purpose. In anything that you do, the absence of clear and specific goals might be a waste of time, energy and efforts. It is comparable to a basketball player running back and forth the court, hustling, bustling, and jumping all over the place but has no intent to score points. At the end of the game it’s the score that counts: you win or lose base on the points you score.


Many times we have heard this cliché from our parents and friends. When I started going to the gym for the first time to build muscles, I was discouraged initially. I had pain all over my body and can’t seem to move my arms and shoulders. But my gym instructor, an experienced guy who worked in Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan, has told me that unless I work hard I will never ever get the muscle nor the shape that I am targeting to achieve. Without working hard, there is no reward; without sacrifice, there is no achievement.

It is said that, “success belongs to those who wanted it the most”. The obstacles that stand in our way to success are there for a reason; sometimes, those mountains that block our way are not meant to be removed, but to be overcome. How badly we wanted to succeed is what will ultimately define our character; that kind of tenacity adds clarity and purpose to every struggle as we strive to reach the point of conquest. And unless your desire to succeed is stronger than poverty, mightier than apathy, and bigger than mediocrity, you can never get past the stage of where you are now.

A person who works hard and is driven by the desire to succeed is already halfway in unlocking his or her true potential to reach those goals and become successful in life.

In closing, allow me to share this nugget of wisdom from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”.


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