Love Never Fails

photo credit: santabanta.com

photo credit: santabanta.com

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”. 1Cor. 13:7 ESV

There is a Latin adage that says, “Amor Vincit Omnia”. It means, “love conquers all”. Love is a strong emotion and every human being has this need to be loved. Since God is the author of love, humans are capable of giving love and receiving love. On the negative, selfish, side, humans are also capable of hoarding love for personal, political, and business gains.

Love bears all things. The Greek word used for “bear” here means “to cover”. And so whether the experience is painful or traumatic, love “covers” that ugly part and shows only the beautiful part. It makes all things beautiful because it “covers a multitude of sins”. The illustration of what Jesus did for us on the cross says it all: Christ bear all our sins in His body because He loved us.

Love believes all things. Doesn’t mean that love does not put things into its proper perspective (love becoming blind, far-sighted, or near-sighted). It simply means that it filters what is good and true as the basis of motivation to act; what is harmful and deceitful are simply discarded because the very nature of love prevents it from embracing those things. Love does not cause harm to its object nor it deceives. Even though humans by nature are corrupt (caused by sin), we have always the capacity to change – if only we decide and chose to change.

Love hopes all things. This is the never-say-die spirit of love. It always hopes even though the situation is more like unrealistic. Even in a miserable or dire circumstances, a person in love still hopes – and even waits.

Love endures all things. In sickness, in health, in prosperity, in poverty, even in death – love is stronger than all these and therefore it will endure. Love is eternal because it was born from eternity by an eternal Creator. That is why it will outlast all things in this world.



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