Be yourself

photo credit: benjie bensing/Linz, Austria

photo credit: benjie bensing/Linz, Austria

Have you ever wondered of how many billion people have lived this earth since the beginning of time? None of them is like you! In fact the Psalmist said in Psalms 139:14, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that very well”. What a miraculous thing is to be you! Nobody has the same combination of talents, abilities, bad habits, weaknesses, capacity to love or forgive, ability to feel pain or see opportunities. No one has the same set of friends (all possible combinations), family jokes, food preference, places to live, neighbors to piss off, cousins to mess with, or teachers to stress out. Nobody‘s finger prints are the same. No one has the same concerns or goals like you. You are awesome in your own way! You are unique!

Accept and enjoy this uniqueness. You don‘t have to pretend to look more like what others expect you to be. Being different is not an abnormality – if that’s the only way to truly express yourself. Don‘t be afraid if you are not like the others. No one in the world has the same things going on in his mind, soul, spirit as what are going on in yours. It is a gift only to you. Treasure and share your uniqueness!

Nobody can speak your words. Nobody can smile your smile. Nobody can sing the way you do or laugh the way you laugh. No one can bring the same unique impact that you can to another person.

Enjoy your uniqueness, let it flow out among your family and friends, and all the people you meet. You were not meant to fit-in; you were meant to stand out.

Be happy always and be inspired by the fact that you are UNIQUE! Don’t be a copy of others: be original, be yourself.


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