The right attitude to work

“From one man He made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live”. Acts 17:26, NIV

I just love this passage. It tells of a God who plans for the future of His children: how He ordains the time and sets the place for each and everybody to live, multiply, and prosper.

His concern is not only providential but at the same time logistical. I mean He knows what you need, at what point in time you need it, and how those needs are going to be met, whom He will bring to your life to supply your needs and complete His blessings.

photo credit: worknotplay.co.uk

photo credit: worknotplay.co.uk

Remember the time when you were jobless? Or, unhappy with your job and prayed to God for another job? God answered your prayers – a good reason for you to be grateful. When you started working in your new job, everything seems to be perfect. Weeks passed and soon you started to complain. You begin to compare yourself with others. How this guy from Engineering got this salary and this promotion, how this guy from Marketing made an impact to one of the clients and was given recognition, etc. You start to think that you don’t deserve this job or the job don’t deserve someone as special as you. And you become ungrateful. And you don’t exert enough effort in your work; you are just trying to live by day by day.

Listen, God will not put you in a place where there isn’t enough space for you to grow. You are exactly where you are because of His divine providence. Besides this is what you prayed for in the first place, so why complain? If there is someone limiting you from growing, it is you. Somebody once said that, “the biggest room in this world is the room for self-improvement”. Now, you get the picture.

God’s plan is always for your good. He wants you to prosper, to be successful. But you must be determined to succeed. Your job does not define you; it is you who defines the job, it is you who limit or expand its impact, and it is you who make the job either a blessing or a nuisance to others. Bottom line, the nobility and the faithfulness that you give to your job every single day is what makes the job crucially important. It is those small, seemingly insignificant things that we do each day that makes us who we are. Those actions could add value or diminish our value. There are no small jobs; only small workers.


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